Media Services in Pune and Mumbai, India

From Photography, Video Production, Branding and Brand Management to Designing Collaterals. We cater to all the media service requirements seamlessly under one roof. 

Real Estate and Interior Photography in Pune and Mumbai, India

Excellent photographs of real estate and interiors can make your buyers stop their search, pick up the phone, and give you a call. The right kind of real estate photography generates excellent leads and does half the work of closing the dealing for you. In this day of online markets, great photography is a necessary element alongside such basics as great interior design, planned aesthetics, and a good brand name.

At Evolver, we provide complete real estate and interior photography solutions – from executing the shoot at the right time of the day to providing professional quality, high definition images that can be used on various media such as print and online, and even for video presentations.

Hotel Photography 

in Pune and Mumbai, India

More and more customers today check your hotel’s photographs online and compare them, BEFORE they make a booking. Hence, it is important to put up professional photographs that accurately represent your hotel and all it stands for as well as all the services it provides. In our research, we have come across so many excellent hotels that lose out on online sales because of outdated images, poor lighting, and blurry images.

Studies show that good quality images are among the two main factors that contribute to the decision making while choosing a hotel, the other one being reviews. Professional photographs that accurately display the hotel’s exterior, lobby, guestrooms, restaurants, and any other attractions the hotel may offer will put you at par with your competition and may even give you an edge.

Brand and Logo


in Pune and Mumbai, India

Your company logo should have instant recognition and recall value. Logo recognition gives a company a powerful marketing edge. On the other hand, just any memorable or radical design will not do. Since your logo represents your company, it has to be designed with intelligence, sensitivity, and a keen understanding of what your company stands for. Our team of expert designers carefully selects the right design, aesthetics and colours for your logo, which is based on the client brief and thorough market research, thus creating a logo which matches your company profile at the same time as setting you apart from the competition.

Website Design 

in Pune and Mumbai, India

Project, goals and budget oriented designs for websites across all industries. We can provide need based solutions from basic static websites to website SEO treatment.

Creative Collateral

Design in Pune and Mumbai, India

A good design is one that communicates. It manages to deliver your message exactly as you want it. Great design does not happen by accident, it comes into being when the right creative minds come together as a team, and share their collective expertise. At Evolver, we take the time to understand, research and go beyond the client brief, to surpass our clients’ expectations from the project.



Planning an event is no problem, but doing it smartly and efficiently while staying within the budget takes a lot of experience and organization. We can utilize our experience and excellent market reputation to your benefit, helping you with everything from promoting an event to the detailed yearly strategy of marketing and promotion of your company or its products or services.

Restaurant Photography 

in Pune and Mumbai, India

More and more, it happens that photographs, rather than the actual place are responsible for the customer’s first impression of your restaurant. More than two thirds of your customers are likely to have seen a photograph of your restaurant somewhere before they walk in, whether it is on a website or a brochure or billboard. We make it our job to ensure that every image your customers see of your restaurant creates a positive impression in their minds. While it is important to make the images enticing to attract more customers, it is also equally important to represent the place and its atmosphere correctly so that customers do not feel that they have been misled by the advertising. Inaccurate representation can have a negative impact on the restaurant’s long term reputation. We, at Resolut, balance both these elements in our professional restaurant photography.

We give you images that can convert internet searches into bookings, while also taking care to represent you correctly. We understand how important restaurant photography can be when displayed on websites, travel websites, Food review websites, print media and hoardings. WE can provide you with professional photography services which match industry standards.

Product and Jewelery


in Pune and Mumbai, India

We provide location shoots as well as having an in house studio setup, which gives our clients a lot of flexibility when it comes to product or jewellery shoots. We provide high resolution and crystal clear images of products from multiple angles that can be used for displaying on online shopping websites, on ads, brochures, and even in magazines.

Branding for

Small and Medium

Enterprise in Pune and Mumbai, India

Starting a new business? A small company? Or are you an entrepreneur working on your first start-up? We understand about the little expenses that mount up and mess with your budget. That is why, we offer special discounted packages for small and medium enterprises. We give you a fixed price quote for the design of your logo, branding, as well as merchandise. Less hassle, less cost, same value for money.

Social Media Marketing 

in Pune and Mumbai, India

Social media marketing for Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter based on budget provided.


Merchandise in Pune and Mumbai, India

We provide complete designing and printing solutions for personalized merchandize to suit both your pocket and your needs solutions for exhibitions, conferences and corporate gifts as well as for home and personal use. Our personalized merchandize service cover include are not limited to caps, t-shirts, mugs, danglers, as well as printing and laser engraving on any material. Whether you planning a company event, need customised designs for social events, exhibitions, or for gifting, give us a call and ask for our design samples.

Custom designed

Digital Artwork

Spicing up your living spaces, and offices with Digital Artwork is the modern method of decorating which goes beyond the traditional styles of painting and murals. With a plethora of styles, designs, colours, and printing methods there are no limits to the artwork produced. Digital Artwork is completely customisable to match the interiors of your living rooms, offices, conference rooms, reception areas, table tops and can also be printed on matching merchandise, hence the possibilities are endless.

Food and Beverage Photography in Pune and Mumbai, India

Food photography is a challenging art form. It attempts to convey the deliciousness of a dish simply through an image, without the help of taste or smell. Everything has to be just right…the lighting, the colors, the textures of the food, and the perfect setting for the dish. As your photography partner, we’ll work with you to develop your Food and Beverage Photography Plan. We will place your mouthwatering dishes on a menu, a brochure, on your website, or on a billboard in a way that draws your customers in. From food styling and setup to final delivery, our team will be there to ensure a hassle free experience and a high quality and timely delivery.

Real estate

Presentation videos

in Pune and Mumbai, India

Magazine quality images acquired from your real estate or interior shoots can be used to create an HD video for your clients. The video can used for viewing HDTV, streaming online, on a projector, or a laptop/tab. Our services provide a complete turnkey service from carrying out the shoot to delivering the completed presentation to your office or posting online. Another great way to give your buyers an excellent idea of the location is to create a short ‘commercial’ in HD. Again, this video can be viewed on various media and can create a lasting impression in your clients’ minds.

Branding and Brand


in Pune and Mumbai, India

Good branding does not just place you above the competition, it creates the impression in your customers’ minds that indeed, your services or products are the ONLY solution to their problems. In order to do that, your brand has to communicate clearly and accurately what your company represents and stands for. Your branding has to attract the right type of clientele and stand out as the perfect fit for their specific needs. We provide branding solutions that are more than just logos and company colours.

Our detailed brand reports are based on market research, the brands’ market positioning, as well as client perception. Everything from your printed material, typeface, logos, colours, positioning of branding elements, formatting of stationery, promotional material, uniforms, etc. is included within this report that helps you make the correct strategic decisions regarding your brand and brand management.

Hoarding and OOH

Design in Pune and Mumbai, India

All billboards are not created equal. For instance, the billboard placed on a busy road has to be eye grabbing and attractive, and create an impact within a matter of seconds. On the other hand, hoardings or billboards in areas that catch a lot of foot traffic can be somewhat detailed, in addition to being attractive. This is just one of the many factors that we take into consideration here at Resolut when we design hoardings and billboards for you. Our aim is to create a design for you that not only grabs attention visually, but also creates brand recognition and brand recall in the minds of your customers, resulting in better ROI.

Restaurant Menu

Design in Pune and Mumbai, India

A well designed menu looks attractive and appealing, while being in perfect sync with your restaurant’s marketing strategy. The menu should match the theme of your restaurant and provide the perfect setting for your food, while being strategically designed to give prominence to your most profitable dishes. We understand how to intelligently place food and beverage items according to your preferences, subtly influencing your customer’s choices, which result in better profits for your establishment. All of this smart work is packaged in an eye catching design that frames the matter perfectly and makes your menu a pleasure to flip through.

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